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The Passion Translation Bible School is offering a weekend course Revelation - The Throne Room at Engaging Heaven Church in New London, Connecticut, May 10-12, 2018! Dr. Brian Simmons, the lead translator of The Passion Translation, will be the instructor.
The TPT Revelation - The Throne Room class is the second course in the Revelation series. This course includes ten hours of in-depth study of the book of Revelation, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, over the course of one evening and two days. (All participants are asked to complete The Unveiling: Intro to the Book of Revelation as a prerequisite to taking this second course.) The course will be available online at www.TPTBibleSchool.com in mid-October 2017.)
Course Schedule:
Thursday, May 10: 6:30pm-10pm
Friday, May 11 : 9:00am-5:30pm
Saturday, May 12: 9:00am-5:30pm
Please plan to be at the course on time. The majority of the scheduled time is used for actual teaching.
Register early. Space is limited. We can't wait to see you in New London!
Course Summary:
Every believer is fascinated by the thought of God's Throne Room! The day will come when each of us will stand before God. The book of Revelation gives us stunning insights into what God's glorious Throne Room is all about.
Building on the Introduction to Revelation course (available online at www.TPTBibleSchool.com in mid-Sept 2017), this 3-day course will bring the student into a clear understanding of what the Throne Room looks like and where it can be found. There are voices, lightnings, and songs coming out of God's Throne Room even now! What John saw as he went through the heavenly portal in Revelation 4 is still taking place today!
There is an invitation being given to God's lovers to come up into the heavenly realm and enter into Throne Room worship and intercession. It is a call to enter into a realm beyond the flesh, beyond the physical and psychical senses, into the realm of the Spirit. That is where John entered and that is the character of the things John saw. He beheld heavenly things - spiritual realities. He saw a throne set in heaven - he perceived the authority, power, and dominion of the Spirit. He saw living creatures in the throne room, the principle of manifest life in the Spirit. He saw the four living creatures int he midst of the throne and twenty-four elders round about the throne, the King-Priest ministry of the Melchizedekian Order after the power of an endless life - the ministration of the redemptive power of the divine life unto creation. It is being seen by a vast company of people that hears the voice of the Lord in this hour that a door has opened in the heavenlies through which those who are obedient shall enter into a state of being and a ministry of unsurpassed and unimagineable glory - in the throne zone!
This detailed study will cover three chapters of Revelation in detail - chapters 4 and 5. You will discover the activities and glory of the throne zone and a beautiful discooverty that it is Christ who rides the four horses coming out of His glory! Get ready to learn fascinating truths about The Throne Room!
We recommend that you watch the online video course on The Unveiling: An Introduction to Revelation, prior to the May event. The introductory course covers the four main interpretive models of viewing the Revelation of Jesus Christ and you will be introduced to an entirely new concept that may shape how you view your life, the future, and the plan of God to unveil Christ within you. You can register and watch the course, beginning in mid-October 2017 at www.TPTBibleSchool.com.

Register today for The Throne Room!

Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Windsor Locks, CT (approximately 1 hr 15min drive).
Hotel Discount:
A discounted rate is available at the Holiday Inn, located at 35 Governor Winthrop Boulevard in New London. To take advantage of the discount, call (860) 443-7000 and ask for the Engaging Heaven Church discount.

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Dr. Brian Simmons is a former missionary, linguist, minister, and Bible teacher. As a missionary, he and his wife, Candice, pioneered church plants in Central America. As a linguist, Brian co-translated the Kuna New Testament for the Paya-Kuna people of Panama. He is also a gifted teacher of the Bible who has authored several books and serves churches worldwide through his teaching ministry. He and his wife have been described as true pioneers in ministry, laboring together for forty years to bring spiritual revival and present Christ in His fullness, wherever God sends them.
After a dramatic conversion to Christ in 1971, Brian answered a calling from God to leave everything behind, become a missionary, and bring the gospel to unreached tribes. Taking their family of three children to the jungles of Central America, he and his wife pioneered and shepherded church plants among the Kuna people group for many years. While serving as missionaries Brian witnessed firsthand God’s powerful gospel-movement among the nations through spiritual revival. As a linguist, Brian also served as a co-translator for the Kuna New Testament, providing this unreached people group with a copy of God’s Word for the first time.
After their ministry overseas, Brian and Candice returned to North America, where Brian began to passionately work toward helping people encounter the risen Christ and His story of redemption. Brian and Candice birthed numerous ministries, including the dynamic church Gateway Christian Fellowship in West Haven, Connecticut. They also established Stairway Ministries under which they travel full-time as Bible teachers in service of local churches throughout the world with the gospel.
Brian serves on the leadership team for Harvest International Ministries, which oversees a network of nearly 20,000 churches and ministries worldwide.Brian is the author of numerous books that promote the redemption and reconciliation of the nations through Christ and extension of His kingdom. His best-selling book, The Journey of the Bride, has been translated into Korean and French. Other titles include: Prayer Partners with Jesus, The Dreamer, The Stairway, The Prophet of Zion, Moses the Deliverer, and The Image-Maker. Currently he is working on a new, fresh dynamic-equivalent translation of the entire Bible, called The Passion Translation.
Brian and Candice have been married for forty-three years and have three children, six grandchildren, and two great-children. Their passion is to be loving examples of a spiritual father and mother to this generation.

  • When: Thu May. 10 - 6:30 pm
    Sat May. 12 5:30 pm

  • Address: 66 Union Street
    New London CT,US 06320

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