Groton Community

Thinking of Groton, CT as a base for your vacation in New England?

Then why not familiarize yourself with some of Groton’s history and culture? This town dates back to the 1600s, with territories being owned by a few tribes of American Indians as well as early white settlers. It was originally established in 1705 when it split from New London, Connecticut. It was an important town, not only in the Revolutionary War, but also in the War of 1812.

Groton, CT, has a rich history and celebrates its heritage, even calling itself “home of the Electric Boat Corporation.” Since the early 20th century, this has been the major contractor for submarine work for the U.S. Navy. It currently employs 10,500 people. Other notable well-known companies in the town include Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, and Avery Point, which is part of the University of Connecticut. Other important industries in the town include fishing, medical supply manufacturing, science and education.

Some notable landmarks in the town include Avery Point Lighthouse, Branford House, Fort Griswold and the Groton Monument, still the oldest pillar in the country. The most popular historic sites and museums include the Fort Griswold Battlefield, the Ebenezer Avery House, the Jabez Smith House and the Submarine Force Museum.

Are you thinking of moving to Groton, CT? 

It's a great Choice!  Real estate is trending in Groton, as this is a small town with great tourist attractions and a booming economy. Groton has consistently performed when it comes to industry; not even the Revolutionary War could end its trading success. This is a peaceful community that is easy to learn but very hard to leave behind.

This town is located in between New York and Boston, and is the largest area in between New Haven and Providence. As you can see, it has a very convenient location. It is surrounded by two prominent rivers, the Thames River and the Mystic River. Despite its perfect location, its most important facilities are not as affected as larger traffic congested areas.