Why You May Need a Sacroiliac Belt at Scriphessco

If you have ever heard a friend or family member complain of chronic back pain, you may have been in the presence of a person who should have been using lumbar support. Lower back pain is one of the most common body complaints that an older person experiences. This is because a person’s back carries the weight of their body more so than many other body parts. When you think of the movements that you make throughout the day, many of them rely on the lower back to carry the muscles that allow you to make each movement.

From sitting to bending over, the lower back takes a lot of abuse and rarely receives support, such as from the sacroiliac belt at Scriphessco, that it needs. In fact, most people ignore the back until they begin experiencing chronic lower back pain. Once they begin feeling constant soreness and strain on their back, many people become desperate to do something about it right away. In addition, there are lines of work that experience lumbar pain more than others. For instance, truck drivers and other people who drive for long periods of time can end up with a painful lower back if they do not use proper lumber support while driving. Construction workers and other workers who do a lot of heavy lifting also appreciate the extra support that a sacroiliac belt at Scriphessco can bring them.

The sacroiliac belt at Scriphessco and other forms of lumbar support help to keep the lower back region from experiencing large amounts of stress and becoming weakened because of it. A sacroiliac belt can keep the lumbar area of the back straight, hold the vertebrae in place, and give the back extra support so that it becomes a much stronger body area. In addition to belts, there are other types of lumbar support such as cushions to lean against while sitting down.

If you are experiencing lower back pain and you would like to try a lumbar belt or cushion then you should ask your health care professional whether you are a good candidate for using this type of support. Once you have been fitted for your belt, it is important to wear it when you are participating in strenuous activity or when you have to be seated for long periods of time. This way your back will always be supported and you will avoid lumbar back pain.


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