Your Business And IVR

There is no denying that over the last few years there has been a huge boom in technology, technology that is obviously going to have a huge impact on the way that businesses are run.  If a company is going to have any hopes of succeeding then not only are they going to have to stay up to date with the latest updates and advancements in technology, but they are going to have to have working knowledge of that technology as well, otherwise they are not going to really be able to take advantage of it or even worse, will end up using it in an incorrect fashion.

In this day and age having superior technology is really going to give a company a huge edge, especially when it comes to the field of customer service.  Having a strong product or service is going to be very important as well, but if you don’t have satisfied customers then it is all going to be rather moot, especially when you consider the fact that word of mouth does tend to be one of the strongest ways for a company to make a name for themselves.  If customers aren’t happy with a company then you can be sure that they are not going to be recommending that company to any of their friends and are instead going to be much more inclined to use a competing business.  What can really make things even worse is if a customer is feeling particularly scorned they might not even necessarily care about the quality of the other business, they will simply want to use it because it was not the one that scorned them as that alone will elevate them in their eyes.

One of the more recent pieces of technology that has made its way into the field of customer service is interactive voice response, or IVR technology.  Hosted IVR solutions from Enghouse are one of the greatest ways to address the issue of how you manage a customer service team. 

When you have a customer service team, you are going to want that team to be able to handle the more important issues that are going to come up, you’re not going to want to have them swamped with common questions and concerns.  This is where IVR comes into play.  IVR works by programming pre-rendered answers to specific key word questions that are going to be commonly coming up, sometimes requiring just a little bit of data input from the customer.  IVR works because it is a great way of getting out answers to common questions and keeps a live customer service team available to handle the more important issues.

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