Groton Ft Griswold

Fort Griswold, a major part of US History, is in Groton, Connecticut.
Come Experience the Legacy of Fort Griswold, CT

Fort Griswold refers to a dark chapter in America’s history, but not one absent of heroes. The British were intensely battling the newly freed Americans in the final stages of the Revolutionary War. The British generals planned a diversion to upset General George Washington’s plans, so decided to attack the New London Harbor on the Thames River. (This was also an important supply center.) Benedict Arnold, a former U.S. soldier and turncoat, took charge of the expedition. Benedict Arnold won the victory but couldn’t help turn the war around. British superiors later criticized him for the needless casualties the Fort Griswold Massacre brought on.

To this day, fallen U.S. Revolutionary Col. William Ledyard is honored by surviving Groton residents, as are the U.S. soldiers who bravely fought against the British and helped America form. They are honored by the Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park in Groton, CT. Ft. Griswold also has a monument and a museum dedicated to one of the most important battles in early U.S. history.

It is open daily, from 8:00 am until sunset. Once a year, on Labor Day weekend, the park has a special salute to the Griswold soldiers. The “Connecticut Line” gathers and dresses up as the Color Guard every year, in brilliantly recreated Revolutionary War garb. In 2010, the town will celebrate the 229th anniversary of this battle! The Ebenezer Avery House is also on-site, which is a colonial house on the park premises. It has various documents and artifacts pertaining to history.

Fort Griswold in CT is a former American military base and, thus, is of strong interest to tourists who have a fascination with history and a love of their country deep in their hearts. You may come for the food, clubbing or family activities. However, try to stay for the historical and cultural attractions. It will fill your mind and leave a good feeling in your heart.

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