Groton Mystic Area

Explore the waters of Mystic Seaport in Groton, Connecticut.
Get Mystical with the Mystic CT Seaport in Groton, CT

You can stay in Groton, CT for the food, history and childrens museum. However, let us be honest. The main reason you should come is for the wonderfully fun Mystic, CT seaport area. What kind of indoor and outdoor fun can you have at this family attraction?

The Mystic Seaport has everything under the sun that’s mystic, aquatic and related to coastal life. For example, there is a re-created 19th-century coastal village with historic ships, as well as preservation shipyard (which is functional) and museum exhibition galleries explaining the history of the town and the seaport. There is not just one, but four vessels on-hand that are considered national landmarks. This seaport attraction actually dates back to the year 1929. In addition to the historical attractions, you can also look forward to food services, educational courses and community events. The Mystic Seaport welcomes 18,000 members from all 50 states and even from overseas countries. In total, almost 20 acres are devoted just to exhibitions alone.

The Mystic Aquarium in CT (also called the Institute for Exploration) offers a variety of animal exhibits and science education programs. They are geared towards children, but any adult with a heart will also enjoy this wonderful presentation. Children not only learn but also can look forward to hands-on science, live webcasts from around the world, educational games, and even a special Immersion Theater that lets kids travel around the world.

Some of the animals that the family can enjoy include beluga whales, sea lions, seals, African penguins, turtles, sea horses, dart frogs and piranhas (which are, thankfully, not featured in an interactive program). Other adventures of the Mystic Aquarium include a trip back to the R.M.S. Titanic, and a 3-D presentation of the “deep sea.”

Lastly, we have the Mystic Arts Center in CT. This is an art exhibition featuring the greatest works from the Mystic and greater Groton area. There are events frequently hosted here and such recent themes have included “Young at Art,” “Luminosity: Mundy Hepburn and the Art of Glass” and “Long and Lean: A Juried Theme Exhibition.” Come see Mystic, CT and experience the magic of Connecticut!

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