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Fresh seafood in Groton, Connecticut.
Dining in Groton, CTRestaurants and Snack Shops

Groton, CT is a river town found in New London County, Connecticut. It is a place of culture, heritage, violent U.S. history, and most of all, a place of great food! Since fishing is a big part of this town’s culture, you can bet that there are plenty of quality seafood restaurants to enjoy. Let’s review some of the highest rated Groton restaurants in the area.

Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough on Pearl Street serves American seafood, with the primary dish being lobster. Family members are welcomed here and outdoor seating is available in most seasons. No alcohol is served, but the restaurant lets you bring your own drinks. Another other Groton, CT restaurant that serves seafood is the Octagon (sounds like an Ultimate Fighting thing, but really it’s not) which serves excellent dishes like blackened tuna sashimi, kobe sirloin tataki and crab cakes.

If you’re in the mood for Chinese food, then check out the Chinese Kitchen on Pleasant Valley Road South. There is a lunch buffet here as well as carry out. If you prefer your Asian food with a bit more southeastern flavor, then try the Koto Japanese Steak House, located on 527 Long Hill Road. Well-reviewed dishes at this Groton restaurant include sushi, and imported fish from Japan.

If you want ribs, then call on Russell at Russell’s Ribs, found on Route 12. American food is served here and, honestly, what would American food be worth without beer? G Willikers serves dishes on the casual side, but it is hard not to like their set up: karaoke night on the weekends with a licensed bar! Other well-liked restaurants in Groton dining include the Ninety Nine Restaurant on Long Hill Road and The Wokery, on Route 184.

Go ahead and gorge yourself in Groton, Connecticut! There’s no sense sightseeing on an empty stomach.

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