Caring for the Stroke Patient with Chux

At any given time, a friend or family member may fall victim to a ruthless physical ailment called a stroke. A stroke can leave a person completely debilitated, or be kind enough to leave a person with some mobility to provide his or her own personal care.
For the former patient, round the clock care will typically be required and for the caregiver, there is the daunting task of making sure that the patient’s comfort is top priority. Those who have suffered a stroke deserve to live out the rest of their lives with dignity, which is why Chux disposable bed pads are an excellent tool to provide an extra layer of absorbency for the wheelchair bound or bedridden stroke victim.

One of the fastest dignity destroyers for an immobile stroke victim is having to sit or lay in urine soaked linens. It is inevitable that an accident will occur, especially when the person requires 24 hour care and assistance to the restroom. Even if the stroke victim utilizes a catheter for bladder relief, even then, urine may leak.

Having a Chux pad tucked nice and tight under the sheets can help prevent the individual from having to swim in his or her own urine. The absorbent material whisks the moisture away from the surface and traps it inside, helping to keep the patient dry. Once the Chux has been dampened, the caregiver can dispose of the pad and replace with a fresh and dry one. Not only does this help protect the patient’s skin, but it protects the mattress as well, which is an expensive piece of furniture to replace.

In addition to using the Chux pad on the mattress, medical news has highlighted other areas to apply this disposable absorbent pad. Prior to making the effort of assisting the stroke victim into a wheelchair, place a Chux pad on the chair, this way, when you are taking your patient for a stroll outside, you will find comfort knowing that you’ve done your best to provide an extra layer of protection. Chux pads can also be used during feeding if the patient has limited oral functions and finds difficulty in chewing or swallowing foods due to the effects the stroke has had on facial muscles. Simply place the Chux pad over the patient’s shirt, similar to a bib, to catch any spills or messes that may occur while drinking or eating. 

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