How Sacramento Solar Energy Systems Can Help You Save Money

How Sacramento Solar Energy Systems Can Help You Save Money

You might already have an inkling that installing solar panels can help you save money, but you might not be quite sure how. Sacramento solar energy systems help their owners save in a few ways, whether those owners decide to stay wired into the public utility grid or not. While installing Sacramento residential solar power does cost money up front, it pays for itself pretty quickly; the pricier utilities in California become, the quicker you'll see a return on your investment. With this quick guide, we'll take a look at how solar panels work. Plus, we'll talk about a couple of different ways they can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bills each year by transforming the sun's energy into electric current that every appliance, piece of electronic equipment, and other electric item in your home can take advantage of - without the utility company taking advantage of you.

How Solar Power Works

Sacramento solar energy systems are surprisingly simple to install in either existing homes or in new construction projects. They contain only a few basic components, and all of them work in much the same way once they have been installed.

The solar panels contain a number of photovoltaic cells that capture the sun's rays, transforming those tiny particles of powerful energy into direct current. Since direct current cannot be used to power your home's electrical components, the solar array is fitted with safety devices, including converters that transform that direct current into alternating current, just like the electricity your home now receives from the local power company. Once the current has been funneled into your home for use, items you have plugged into sockets and outlets will draw on that energy just like they do now.

That's it - pretty simple! Now, let's take a look at how this process can save you money.

How Sacramento Solar Energy Systems Save Money

People who install Sacramento residential solar arrays sometimes save money right away, on the up-front cost of solar panels and associated equipment, because many Sacramento solar energy systems providers offer rebates and special offers.

Secondly, most homeowners save money on their taxes, thanks to a 30% federal rebate that your tax preparer can help you receive.

Finally, those who install solar systems save money on their electric power, even when tied into the grid, by essentially selling the extra power their solar systems create to the power company.