Pre Employment Screening for Success

If you would like to make your pre employment screening process even more successful, then one of the best ways to do that is through the use of a personality evaluation. We’ll explore this concept a little further in a moment, but first, we should clarify our definition of success. Clearly, the goal of this type of screening is to make sure you end up hiring the best employees possible, but what makes them the best? One of the things that make them the best is their skill set. Ideally, you want to hire the candidates that are going to give you the best performance on the job.

However, your pre employment screening needs to encompass more than just an evaluation of your potential new employees’ skill sets. After all, even the most skilled employees in the world aren’t going to be the assets to your company that they could be if they don’t stay long enough. Therefore, these candidates’ cognitive traits must also be evaluated in order to determine whether or not they are good fits for your organization. After all, if you hire candidates that fit in well at your firm, then the chances that they’ll stay increase quite dramatically. It is the personality evaluation that we mentioned a moment ago which will help you determine whether or not each potential new employee possesses these characteristics.

Of course, another question you may be mentally asking is, “Which characteristics should I be looking for during my pre employment screening?” The answer is that you should pay close attention to the cognitive and behavioral traits demonstrated by your best employees. In this context, what we mean by your “best employees” are those employees that have both been with your company the longest and performed at the highest levels. By programming your personality evaluation to ask questions designed to measure those characteristics, you can duplicate the success of these employees by hiring people that are very similar to them.

Another advantage of using this type of test is that you will no longer be relying solely on instinct to make your hiring decisions. Rather, you will have scientifically measured data to guide you. It used to be that HR representatives had to review a candidate’s resume and interview responses in order to determine their suitability. Now, with all of this new technology available, the rate of success in your hiring decisions can (and will) greatly increase.

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