Proud to Be an American

Proud to Be an American

"A Country At War!"  "A Nation Divided".  Who would have thought we would still be hearing these sentiments in our lifetime?  With American Troops on multiple continents' soil, and with the arrival of another holiday season away from home, there has never been a more important time for U.S. Citizens to show their support for our military. What can you do to show our troops you care?

Fly Military Flags:  Are you a veteran of the armed forces? Do you know someone who is currently serving in the military or is a veteran? There are military flags available representing every branch and they come in all shapes and sizes.  You can hang them outside of your home to show support for the troops that have a tender spot in your family's heart.  You can also wave them proudly from your car, your porch, or from a balcony.  Anyone for whom that flag resonates will be grateful you are showing your support.

Wave American Flags:  American Flags demonstrate that you're proud to be an American.  They are reminder that we are the United States of America and that patriotism should come first and foremost above all other political viewpoints.  They also show our troops that America is sending them support from home. It validates their sacrifices and willingness to put their life on the line.

Care Packages:  Whether you know a soldier serving abroad or not, send a care package to say, "Thank you".  Websites such as this one can help guide you in creating the perfect care package.  Insight from current and former military personnel will tell you what items are most appreciated and difficult to come by in other countries.  Imagine the joy you'll transmit thousands of miles away when a soldier opens a package from a perfect stranger, filled with items he or she has been craving. It can offer inspiration to keep him/her going another day.

Help a Military Family:  Soldiers aren't the only ones who sacrifice in times of war.  Their family's have made the ultimate sacrifice of their husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers. Losing a critical family member makes family life more challenging.  Reach out to military families in your community today and ask how you can help.

Active troops and veterans have given their life energy abroad so that we can enjoy our freedoms at home.  Support them by actively demonstrating your gratitude.