The Benefits of Massage Tools

The Benefits of Massage Tools

If you are familiar with massage, you may think massage tools are completely unnecessary. You are probably thinking that there is no way that a massage tool is ever going to be better than using your own two hands. Well, massage tools are not meant to be better than using your hands; they are simply meant to compliment your strengths as a massage therapist and help you.

When using massage tools, you do not necessarily use the tool throughout the entire massage. Of course, you can if you would like, but that is not the intention. Massage tools are great to use throughout the massage at different points. They can be used to give your hands a break, give your massage variety, or reach muscles that you cannot reach with your hands.

If you are performing several massages on a daily basis, according to a medical resource, you are putting your hands and joints through a lot of stress. Over time, this may cause you to develop arthritis or other joint problems. If you break your massage up into sections, you can use massage tools during certain periods, and give your hands, wrists, and fingers a bit of a rest. Even if you don’t realize it now, these small breaks will make a big difference for your hands down the road. Not only that, but the change back and forth between your hands and the massage tools can add variety and make the massage a bit more fresh and exciting for your customer.

Many massage therapists use massage tools in order to give deep tissue massages. It can be very strenuous, and sometimes impossible, to work as deeply into the muscle as certain customers would like. These massages can become very taxing on the massage therapist’s body and they might not ever even reach the muscles that the customer wanted massaged. This is when a massage tool can be a large help. The tool makes it much easier to reach these muscles. Of course, always be sure that you are only performing this deep massage per the wishes of your customer.

Massage tools are not something that does the massage for you. The massage tools are there to help you enhance your skills and make your job a bit easier. There is no reason that as a massage therapist, you would ever be relying on these tools, but they are a great way to explore new techniques, save your hands, and strengthen your existing skills.