Tips for Getting Accepted Into Undergraduate Business School

Tips for Getting Accepted Into Undergraduate Business School

Now that you have made the decision to pursue higher education in a formal college setting, the next step is deciding where you would like to earn your degree. To increase your chances of getting accepted into the undergraduate business school of your choice, there are several, specific things that you can do. Since there are so many factors involved in the application and acceptance process, having a plan and sticking to it will help alleviate stress and disappointment and increase the very-real possibility of you getting accepted into the college of your choice.

 Tip #1 Submit a completed application and all the supporting materials requested at once; sending your application alone – without all the required documents many not only delay your acceptance, but also possibly cause you to not get accepted.

 Tip #2 Prepare for the interview that you will have with the college’s Enrollment Advisor. Most certainly, one of the questions you will be asked is why you chose that particular college. Long before your scheduled interview, come up with three reasons why you chose this particular campus over all the other possibilities out there. Perhaps your parents and your grandparents graduated from the college and you want to continue in their legacy. Maybe they offer the perfect academic program that you have been looking for and you have read about some of that program’s key instructors. Or, maybe the college is located in a vibrant and exciting city that will afford you other personal and professional opportunities in addition to academic ones. Also, prepare one or two questions to ask. Just like with a job interview, show that you have done your “homework” regarding the college and demonstrate that through questions you may have. For example, one question could be as simple as “May I meet with a senior student (or two) who is about to graduate from the same undergraduate business program in which I am interested?”   Once you meet with upperclassmen, further great questions to ask include, “What would you do differently?” and “What are some of your top college experiences that affected you most profoundly?”

#3 Write an error-free, goosebump-inflicting personal statement that succinctly expresses your problem-solving skills, ability to think far removed from the “box”, and how you want to make a difference in the world.

In summary – be prepared, be thoughtful, and pay attention to the details. Undergraduate business school offers great opportunities for a well balanced education.