Various Massage Tools

Various Massage Tools

Massage therapy can be lengthy and involved or quick and simple, but whichever process is used a massage therapist is unable to provide a proper massage without the correct supplies or the knowledge of how to use these kinds of health resource. These supplies can either be portable or restricted to one particular place such as a wellness centre or spa.

A therapist usually has a number of different supplies which fall into categories such as massage tools and massage table accessories and so on.

Massage tools are products which are used by a therapist during the process of giving a massage, or which can be available to patients when bought for the purposes of home use. Products to choose from include the likes of thumpers, erls, massagers, massage and marble stones, exercisers, carpal tunnel gloves and power putty.

Thumpers are handheld massage tools which have as many as eight massage spheres which are designed in order to give stimulation to pressure points when applied with downward pressure to certain areas of the body and are available for either manual or electrical use.

Erls are steps which are used in order to prop up a massage table without the need to adjust its actual height.

Massagers are massage tools which come in a large array of types that are designed to provide massaging, rubbing or pressure relief when they are used on certain parts of the body and are also available for either electrical or manual use.

Massage and marble stones are stones which are used in hot stone massage and in hot and cold therapies.

Warmers are electrical warming units which are used for marble stones and massage, and are often used in spas.

Exercisers are small balls which are used for the purposes of promoting superior finger, forearm and hand strength. Because of the fact that they respond very well to both hot and cold temperatures, they can also be made use of as a part of hot and cold therapies.

Carpal tunnel gloves are fitted gloves which are used on carpal tunnel patients in order to decrease discomfort or swelling and to increase circulation. They are also used for added relief in conjunction with both hot and cold packs.

Power putty is silicone rubber putty which is used to strengthen the function and strength of hands, while following a variety of putty-stretching exercises.