Whether You Buy Chux or Reusable Pads the Choice is Yours

If you are in the market for mattress pads for incontinence issues, you might wonder which is best for your needs: disposable Chux pads or reusable underpads? Each type of bed pad can be used to soak up bodily fluids and protect the mattress underneath from getting soiled and stained. The final choice comes down to a matter of personal preference. To figure out which one is right for you, and whether you should buy Chux or reusable pads, read the pros and cons of each.

Chux pads are disposable and can be changed out and thrown away quickly and easily. Most people first come across the pads when visiting or staying at a hospital. Hospitals buy Chux so that they can outfit all their beds with them. This helps keep bodily fluids, including urine and blood, from contaminating the bed and rooms. The pads also make it easy for a nurse or aide to quickly change out the sheets, dispose of soiled pads, and place clean Chux on again. Because they are then covered with bed sheets and blankets, most people won’t even know that Chux are being used in their beds. The pads are also thick, comfortable, and discreet.

Reusable pads, on the other hand, are sometimes used in personal homes and are also designed to protect mattresses from becoming soiled and dirty. These pads are sometimes also known as reusable or washable Chux. If you plan to buy Chux that you can reuse, you will want to buy at least three so that you can always have a clean pad to change the bed as needed, but it is advisable to buy more. Unlike disposable Chux, these pads need to be washed every time they become soiled. This can be a deterrent for some people who would rather not have to do laundry every time the sheets need washing. However, the pros with this style of sheet are that you will not have to buy as many pads in the long run.

If you find yourself needing to buy mattress pads you should ask yourself if you prefer the convenience and relative ease you will get when you buy Chux disposable pads, or if you don’t mind having to wash reusable pads so that you can buy less pads in the long run. Take into consideration your lifestyle and the amount of free time you have to decide which style you prefer.


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